The Macedonians - Alexander and the Seleucids

All dates are BC (BCE)

336 Alexander aged 18 succeeds his murdered father Philip of Macedon.
334 Invasion of Asia begins. Battle of Granicus (May). Surrender of Sardis
333 Alexander cuts Gordian Knot. Battle of Issus (Nov) Siege of Tyre
332 Capture of Tyre. Gaza falls and is destroyed (Nov).
332-331 Capture of Egypt. Alexander visits oracle of Amun at Siwa.
331 Battle of Gaugamela (Oct). Alexander welcomed in Babylon. Surrender of Susa (Dec)
330 Capture and burning of Persepolis (Jan). Capture of Ecbatana. Greek troops sent home. Murder of Darius III by Bessus, satrap of Bactria.
330 - 329 Pursuit and capture of Bessus in Bactria.
329 - 327 Alexander continues east. Macedonians begin to grumble.
327 Alexander marries Roxana, daughter of Bactrian Oxyartes.
327 - 325 Alexander moves through Khyber Pass into India. Fierce resistance.
326 Battle onthe Hydarnes river. Alexander defeats Porus (July) who keeps his kingdom. Mutiny of Alexander's troops.
326 - 325 Alexander fights his way down the Indus valley in Pakistan to the coast.
325 Return to Persia - Nearchus by sea, Alexander by land.
324 Alexander restores Cyrus' tomb at Pasargadae. Mass wedding at Susa. Death of Hephaistion.
323 Alexander in Babylon. Plans for campaign in Persian Gulf. Death of Alexander (13 June 323)
312 Seleucus I wins control of most of the Asian territory conquered by Alexander
305 Seleucus gives up India and adjacent territories to the Maurya empire of Chandragupta
250 Foundation of Greco-Bactrian regime in Bactria by Diodotus I
247 Arsacids conquer Parthia
206 Antiochus III temporarily restores Seleucid dominance in eastern Iran
c.200 - 150 Fall of Maurya dynasty in India allows the Bactrian Greeks to expand into Pakistan
c.150 Elymais and Persis become independent of Seleucid rule
140 - 126 Parthians annex Mesopotamia and western Iran
c.130 Greco-Bactrian kingdom in Bactria conquered by Yuezhi: Greeks hold on in India until c.80 BC.