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    Chitul Sutun. A ceremonial palace completed by Shah Abbas II in 1647. It was used to entertain visors - Europeans have described long, lavish and riotous parties that were given there by Abbas II
  • 20091116_3299_fs
    The Allahverdi Khan Bridge. One of 5 bridges in Isfahan. This one was built around 1600 by Allahverdi Khan, the Shah's most trusted general, for Abbas I. It has 33 arches and is more than 300 yards in length
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    Vank Cathedral. Abbas I transported thousands of Armenian families from Julfa in Azerbaijan to Isfahan. They were allowed to build churches and worship as Christians - as their descendants still do. Supposedly, the Shah wanted these hard-working and thrifty artisans to be an inspration to his subjects! The cathedral was begun in 1606 - but is today clad in modern brickwork. In the dark interior are many stomach-churning scenes of torture and suffering
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    The Bazaar. Mannequins modelling approved Islamic dress for the modern woman.
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    Imam Square at night. The great square - "as spacious and pleasant and aromatic a market as any in the universe" - the 20-acre centrepiece of Abbas' city. It became a polo-ground in the evening: the marble goal-posts are still in place
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    Painting in the Chitil Sutun
  • 20091116_Iran_1697_fs
    Shah Tahmasp - in the Chitil Sutun
  • 20091116_Iran_1701_fs
    Wall painting in Chitil Sutun
  • 20091116_Iran_1703_fs
    A Safavid Beauty
  • 20091116_Iran_1712_fs
    Vank Cathedral. Modern plaque commemorating the foundation of the Armenian cathedral
  • 20091116_Iran_1715_fs
    Chilling in the Friday Mosque
  • 20091116_Iran_1716_fs
    The Friday Mosque
  • 20091116_Iran_1719_fs
    Calligraphic tiles
  • 20091116_Iran_1732_1_fs
    Imam Mosque. Formerly the Royal Mosque (Masjid-i-Shah). Abbas I's major project - in his hurry to get it finished he cut a number of corners, including using the cheaper 7-colour tiles
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    Lutfullah Mosque
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    Imam Square
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    Imam mosque
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    Imam Mosque. Decorative stucco work
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    Two Ayatollahs - Khomeini and Khamenei
  • 20091117_Iran_1613_fs
    Domes and minarets
  • 20091117_Iran_1620_fs
    Imam mosque in silhouette
  • 20091117_Iran_1649_fs
    Young visitors to the Friday Mosque
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    The Sheik Lutfullah Mosque. Built by Abbas I to honour his father-in-law
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    Interior of the mosque
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    Old man with a rosary
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    Tree of Life carpet